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Nearly 16 million Americans suffer from Rosacea. What starts as an occasional flushing of the face leads to a permanent redness, broken capillaries, pimples and bumps, and finally to a thickening of the skin around the nose. In a survey by the National Rosacea Society, 69% of sufferers admitted that their condition made them feel “Frustrated, embarrassed, and negatively affected their self-esteem.”

The exact cause of Rosacea is still unknown, but thankfully, science has uncovered some key factors contributing to facial redness:

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"What Causes Rosacea?"

Cutting-edge medical research has taken some big steps forward in the past twenty years. We reviewed every document we could find on Rosacea and facial redness, filtered through every forum and testimonial, and distilled our findings into the three most important factors you must address in order to get rid of that redness. The three factors that must be addressed are:


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When blood flow to the areas of skin affected by Rosacea was measured, it turned out to be 3 to 4 times higher than normal.1

That skin ‘flush’ is an inflammatory response similar to what happens when we bruise or break a bone: the blood rushes to the damaged area to help repair the damage.

Here’s the problem:

With Rosacea there isn’t a broken bone or bruised skin. The skin gets inflamed with blood and has no problem to solve. To make matters worse, our face has a very delicate system of blood vessels unlike the rest of our body, and they don’t respond well when they’re constantly pumped full of blood, so the inflammation itself is a problem that must be resolved.

Strained Blood Vessels:

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As we age, this constant inflammation and flushing creates abnormal swelling and emptying of blood vessels, and eventually the vessels lose their elasticity. These blood vessels are like balloons being inflated and deflated over and over, stretched to their limit, getting weaker and weaker in the process until they no longer have the elasticity to resist and don’t empty as easily.

That means the next time they fill up with blood, they stay swollen because they can’t squeeze it all out, and eventually those blood vessels ‘pop’ and leave red spots on our skin that don’t go away.

Microscopic Skin Mites Carrying Bacteria:

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Everyone’s skin has microscopic organisms called Demodex mites near the hair follicles, and these little mites carry bacteria that can irritate the skin. But those with rosacea have shown to have a significantly higher quantity or Demodex mites.

For many, these three underlying contributors to facial redness can be ‘triggered’ by external and internal factors:

Once these irritants pass through the weakened protective barrier, they trigger our immune system to respond by swelling the affected area with blood. This inflamed state is further irritated by certain foods, temperature and humidity, stress levels, and even intense exercise…

...Unfortunately, these irritants and triggers are often a normal part of everyday life. So other than avoiding exercise, humidity, stress, and allergens, what are your options for treatment?

“How is Rosacea Treated?”

The current medical treatments focus on reducing itching and swelling, but they tend to only focus on making the symptoms more bearable, and some of them come at the cost of nasty side effects:

  1. Antihistamines:
  2. This is a good start, but current medical research is still cautious to claim this is an effective therapy on its own because it doesn’t treat the skin, it only treats the itchiness. Furthermore, antihistamines cause drowsiness and leave you sluggish all day.

  3. Antibiotics:
  4. To address the irritating bacteria, doctors may prescribe antibiotics in serious cases. This is not a long term option, in fact, it can make matters worse. Antibiotics kill our GOOD and BAD bacteria, which weakens our immune system, leaving you nearly defenseless against rosacea.

  5. Topical Steroid Creams:
  6. Topical steroid use results in diminishing effectiveness, so more and more powerful ones need to be applied to achieve the same results, and once users discontinue topical steroids, rosacea are devastating. This process is known as:

What Are Your Options for Reducing Facial-Redness?

Many facial-redness sufferers begin by avoiding the things that ‘trigger’ their symptoms. The National Rosacea Society surveyed 1,066 sufferers and the most common triggers were:

  • sun exposure
  • emotional stress
  • hot weather
  • wind
  • exercise
  • alcohol consumption

While avoiding triggers is a good starting point, many of these are simply unavoidable parts of everyday life.

The next steps are prescription antibiotics or expensive and painful laser treatments that scrape off a layer of the skin like sandpaper. This unfortunately doesn’t address the three underlying causes of facial redness, leaving us at Rosacea Remedy Research to ask the only question left:

Do Any Facial-Redness Remedies Actually Reduce Facial Redness?

With any condition, there will inevitably be a line of natural remedies created to help alleviate discomfort and build a path towards health. Judging by the number of customers these companies have year after year, the volume of verified testimonials, and the support some of their ingredients have from the medical community, they must be doing something right.

These natural remedies are often used in order to avoid the cost, inconvenience, and side effects of prescription drugs and invasive treatments.

How Do You Separate The Good Products From The Junk?

We have a passion for natural health and many of us have suffered from facial redness ourselves. That’s why we went out and compared some of the top natural facial-redness remedies to see which ones really worked and which ones don’t live up to their promises.

We paid special attention to quality of ingredients - how those ingredients addressed inflammation, damage, and helped strengthen the skin - as well as strength of money-back guarantee, customer feedback, and 24 hour support.

What we found out is that there are a number of good choices for natural redness-support supplements, but some are certainly better than others.

For us, there was a clear winner:

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